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the first thing you should know:

I’m Gonna Bring It

When we work together, you’re going to be in for an experience of impactful storytelling and motivational insights. You’ll find that even though I “talk strategy,” by the end of my time on stage, every strategy will have a story that strikes a chord. 

Mind The Trap

60-Minute Keynote

Ideal for conferences, retreats, and private events


What Is The Goal Of This Keynote?

Mind The Trap is a 60-minute talk designed to inspire new ways of thinking about the decisions we make. 

We will explore four different stories which illustrate how our subconscious mind takes the wheel without us knowing - in the most critical of circumstances. Your audience will begin to think more critically of these moments, changing their behavior in the process.


What Will My Audience Learn?

For Business Audiences
My goal for every business owner at this keynote is to walk away with questions around which decisions are being made in their daily lives or their businesses without their knowledge. There are four main categories of decisions that our minds make for us. We'll explore each in detail, and attendees will learn how to re-code their minds and their marketing (if they have a business) to help them live better lives.

How Can I Book This Keynote?

If you're interested in having Dan speak at one of your upcoming events, please complete the form below and you'll receive an email from the Speaking Of Brilliance team today.

  • Keynote Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Minimum Audience Size: 30
  • Keynote Type: Conferences, Retreats, and Private Events