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Speaking Of Dan

I’m an entrepreneur who cares about getting great, big ideas into the world

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My whole life, I’ve always considered myself a visionary “type.” 

You know – the type who likes to keep his head in the clouds. The type who likes to talk, dream, and think BIG. Really big. Like go-to-Mars big.

Which is why, after I built my advertising agency, I started to think… bigger. I began to see how the biggest, greatest ideas of our time are shaping the world around us.

I started Speaking Of Brilliance to share my ideas, workshops, and talks around the topic of spreading great, big ideas through cutting-edge marketing, ethical communication, and big thinking. I’m an entrepreneur first and foremost, so I’m using the same strategies (and encountering the same challenges) that I talk about on this site and in my social media feeds. 

My invitation to you is this: join me in the great, big adventure of bringing great, big ideas into the world. We will all be better for it.

see what I’m up To!