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Business changes every day. That’s why I insist our team at Vivid Labs stays on the bleeding edge with strategies that no-one else is thinking of. This is where I share them all with you.

Where you can find me:


I love you.

You got to this site, scrolled down my page, and you’re reading these words. We basically just reached second base. But before we go any further, I want you to know a little about where you are right now (I’m a gentleman, after all).

This site is all about my HOW.

How does the human brain work in ways that benefit and deceive us?How do I run Vivid Labs? How can a complicated research report turn into a valuable business plan?

These are questions people have paid (a lot) to have answered. But a lot of the time, I want to share more. And sometimes, it’s better that the world knows about something than just one person. That’s called being a good global citizen.

So if you want to check some of that out, go to my blog.

And if you’re a booking manager or company that wants to get a heavier, spicier kick from my super-secret sauce, let’s talk in private about my speaking and workshops.


Australia’s Magic

This week's edition of The Economist was talking about the strength of Australia's economy. Along the way, the editor mentioned that the country's riches primarily come from China buying their huge resources of iron ore and natural gas. Think about how easy it is for...

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This Is Your Brain On “Free”

Marketing has been driven by free offers for years. Nordstrom offers free alterations, Ben & Jerry’s gives away free ice cream. Consultants give away free trainings. The “free offer” is a critical marketing strategy, but businesses rarely know how to use it. Most of...

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How To Use The IKEA Effect To Close More Sales

If you've never been to an IKEA, try to imagine a huge maze. Except this maze is full of kitchens, dining rooms, and entertainment centers, each with its own unique style. Every one of these "household scenes" are impossibly fitted together in a way that leads you...

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Speaking & Workshops

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Have an upcoming event? Let’s see if we’re a good fit.