I began designing my first-ever online course two days ago. I had an inspiring chat with Melanie over dinner a few nights ago about starting to productize the skills I’ve developed in building digital products for the past several years.

Gee, I suppose that would make sense!

I guess the reason I’ve avoided it for so long was a combination of imposter syndrome and exposure to a lot of great marketers but less-great human beings who SHOULD have experienced imposter syndrome but didn’t. The online marketing world can get really slimy, which is one of the reasons I became very strict with who we worked with through the agency (and I’m incredibly proud of the clients we HAVE been able to serve). It’s also a lot easier to say “let’s give it another year so I can learn a bit more” – but the time has come.

Now that Speaking Of Brilliance is off the ground, having amassed a ton of expertise in the world of funnels & ads, I’ll be embarking on a new challenge to build my first course in the timespan of two weeks. Which, in the world of assembling information products, is a very tiny amount of time.

So here I am, following guidance from loved ones and starting up my first course! I’m documenting the whole process in this vlog for all those aspiring course-builders out there. Consider it a free masterclass in assembling an online course from scratch. In two weeks. ?

If you HAVE been considering putting an online program together, keep in mind that there are people out there willing to invest in the knowledge inside your head. It’s worth a lot. I’ve seen that truth at work every day I’ve been in business. I guess I have to just start taking a dose of my own medicine! 🙂 Here’s to next steps.